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Shirin David: DirTea is sold for 10 cents

Das Bild zeigt Rapperin Shirin David mit einem blauen Oberteil und tiefem Ausschnitt. Ihre blonden Haare trägt sie offen.

Almost every well-known German rapper has his own soft drink on the market. The foundation stone was laid almost two years ago by the rapper Capital Bra with his BraTee. When the deal proved successful, other rappers jumped on the trend and dropped their own drink. Luciano dropped the “Loco Juice”, Bushido his iced tea of ​​the same name, Bonez MC and the 187 the soft drink “Wild Crocodile”. Shirin David also wanted to take some of the soft drink hype with him and even set a record.

20 million DirtTea cans sold on release

Shirin David also decided to drop her own iced tea and celebrated the biggest iced tea launch in history with her "DirTea". In the pre-order phase, the rapper already sold a whopping 20 million cans.

Is the DirTea hype over?

But the hype didn't last long. After just under a year, demand seems to be falling. Photos appeared on the Internet showing Shirin David's "Busty Blueberry" iced tea on a palette. Selling price: a ridiculous 40 cents per can instead of the original price of €2.50.

Alcoholic DirTea for 10 cents a can

Now comes the next clap for Shirin David. Another picture from a Rewe market has appeared on the Internet. Massive pallets of the alcoholic variant of DirTea can be seen. The “Extra DirTea” in the Candy Shop flavor is sold at a whopping 10 cents per can. For comparison: A bottle of the cheapest beers costs around 70 cents. However, one reason for the low sales price will be that the "Extra DirTea" has a short sell-by date and the Rewe supermarket probably wants to get rid of the beverage cans quickly. Nevertheless, the retail price of 10 cents per can is definitely a statement!

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