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Sierra Kidd lives on €2500 a month

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Sierra Kid in einer Wohnung stehend- Er trägt einen grauen Kapuzen Hoodie und hält ein Smartphone in der Hand.

The rapper Sierra Kidd was one of the few German rappers to land a world hit. The English-language track "Living life, in the night" with singer Cheriimoya caused hype not only in Germany, but also internationally. The track was also used in countless videos on TikTok.

"Living life, in the night" streamed over 205 million times

Even four years after the song release, the track is still very popular. "Living life, in the night" has been streamed more than 205 million times on Spotify alone. An incredible 40 million of them in the past 10 weeks! Kidd's bank account looks bulging, or are looks deceptive?

Despite its success, Sierra Kidd remains down-to-earth

With success comes a life of luxury. Many German rappers have an expensive lifestyle. Luxury watches, designer clothes and expensive cars. Sierra Kidd has also indulged in a thing or two. Otherwise, the 26-year-old remains relatively down-to-earth, as he revealed in a live stream. The native of Emden gets no more than 2,500 euros transferred to his bank account per month. A more or less average salary. What does he spend the money on? According to his own statement for food, video games, computers & Co. The rest of the money stays in his company, which is run by his mother.

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