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Soon new UFO feature with Quavo?

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Ufo361. Von links leuchtet ein Scheinwerfer auf den Rapper. Ein Fan steht vor Ufo361 und ein anderer Hält von links ein Smartphone ins Bild. Ufo trägt ein Neongelb schwarzes Oberteil und eine schwarze Sonnenbrille. Um seinen Hals trägt er eine Silberkette.

Four years ago, Ufo 361 caused a stir in Germany with a series of features featuring top international rappers. Among others, the Stay High label boss collaborated with Future, Lil Baby and Quavo from the Migos. The latter gave an interview to just days before the fatal altercation in Houston in which Migos member Takeoff lost his life.

Expensive collabs, low impact?

As already mentioned, the Berlin rapper treated himself to some very expensive features with US top rappers at the height of his hype. Even then, there was speculation as to whether Ufo paid the usual price for a feature of around 250K, or whether he received it cheaper due to his status in this country. After all, Germany is the largest music market in Europe. That's why top US artists can't avoid collaborating with local rappers to boost their sales in this country. Even if Ufo is undoubtedly still considered one of the top rappers in Germany, it is questionable whether other German rappers are not achieving a greater impact. But Ufo is and remains the first German rapper to land such top-class features. Even if these features have generated fewer views than Ufo's solo tracks, nobody can take this milestone away from him.

Quavo ready for another German rap collab

In an interview with, Quavo said he was willing to work with German artists again and shouted directly at Ufo. He definitely wants to come to Germany again and celebrate with Ufo. After the current events, it would not be surprising if he now takes a break to process the loss of his nephew, bandmate and friend. When and if there will be another feature with Ufo or another German rapper is currently in the stars. Finally, Quavo and Takeoff were in Houston to promote their latest duo album, Only built for Infinity Links. As this is likely to be Takeoff's last actively recorded album, expect it to quickly attain legendary status among fans. Now to add music and just pretend that nothing happened and carry on as before seems irreverent. With regard to another Migos-Deutschrap collaboration, we will probably have to be patient. At least, shortly after the tragic loss of Takeoff, Quavo and Offset already agreed to make music together again. After differences of opinion, the band members had decided to go their separate ways musically for the time being.

Does Ufo still have hype at the moment?

Lately, Ufo has been less known for his music than for his jaded behavior and sometimes cringe, fashionable experiments. The Stay High boss didn't like the scorn and ridicule he had to put up with after his performance in high heels. Accordingly, he not only railed against his "fashionably backward" fans who didn't celebrate his drip, since then he has been shooting against almost the entire country, to which he owes his success. Artists in this country would no longer inspire him. In general, he feels superior to everything and everyone here. Even if Ufo can undoubtedly record considerable success for itself, its success story gets an extremely bitter aftertaste due to its aloof, sometimes presumptuous behavior. Apparently an important lesson he could have learned from US superstars completely missed him – stay humble! Today's superstar is not aloof and unapproachable, but close to his fans and open to criticism. Ufo is pretty much the exact opposite of that and presents itself as a superstar who is superior to everyone else anyway. He makes it much more difficult for fans than others to find not only his music good, but also himself. Others do it much better and achieve correspondingly better numbers.

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