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Takeoff - Migos member shot dead in Houston

Das Bild zeigt den Rapper Takeoff mit einem grau weiß kartiertem Hemd und einer weißen Sonnenbrille. Um den Hals trägt der Rapper eine Silberkette mit Anhänger.

The next tragic death of a young American rap star shocks the world. Takeoff, part of legendary rap trio Migos, was shot and killed at just 28. Millions of fans around the world mourn the youngest member of the Migos...

Also shot rapper Quavo?

The first reports of Takeoff's death have been circulating since the early hours of the morning. Onsmash was one of the first portals to report on the incident. They first announced that Migos members Takeoff and Quavo had been shot. A little later, the Quavo team reported and corrected that Quavo was not hit. However, the news surrounding Takeoff has sadly come true: "Update: The Quavo team has contacted and explained that he was not shot. Unfortunately, the situation around Takeoff was confirmed by them.”

Bowling alley shooting in Houston

Here's what we currently know: Last night, Takeoff and Quavo were at a bowling alley together. Just hours before, Takeoff published a photo on Instagram showing him right in front of the bar. This was the 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston. The Migos rappers were playing dice when a row erupted for reasons not yet known.

Takeoff is shot on the ground

At around 2:30 a.m. local time, shots were fired, killing Takeoff. Two other people were injured, but Quavo is not among them. TMZ published excerpts from a video they have. It shows Quavo kneeling in front of Takeoff in an orange t-shirt and frantically trying to save him.

He is said to have first tried to get his crewmates up. When that didn't work, he called for help. In the photos, Takeoff lies lifeless in his own pool of blood on the floor. The blurred images also show that the rapper was probably not hit, or not only in the upper body, but also in the head. It is now clear that the Migos member did not survive the incident...

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