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The end of Kanye West?

Das Bild zeigt den Rapper Kanye West. Er trägt einen schwarzen Hoodie und eine schwarze Jacke und lächelt mit geöffnetem Mund.

Ye is known to be a difficult person and to offend a lot of people. Most recently, major fashion houses such as Adidas and GAP have canceled their collaboration with the eccentric. Now the rapper and fashion mogul seems to be about to lose touch with reality.

„White Lives Matter“

The current shitstorm that Ye is experiencing began with the “White Lives Matter” shirts that Kanye presented at Paris Fashion Week about 2 weeks ago. Already here, some wondered if the rapper still had all the slats on the fence. Ye then explained that the writing was in response to the Black Lives Matter movement's embezzlement scandal, which West called a "scam." When this hit him, Ye veered to explain that the writing was meant as a protest because he felt demeaned by the need for an extra movement to appreciate Black lives. He wanted white people to taste their own medicine. However, this justification was just as little bought as his first. That's why he's now trying to turn his simply stupid slogan into the argument that poor white people deserve attention too, since their lives are worth something after all. West now wants the shirts, which nobody wants, to be distributed in Skid Row, a part of Los Angeles known for its high number of drug addicts.

Relevance through provocation

Anyone who knows Kanye knows that he thrives on provocation. His self-marketing concept has hardly changed since wearing the "Make America Great Again" cap and the questionable friendship with Trump. In fact, today, Ye just seems too self-absorbed to acknowledge that he is overreacting in his actions and taking responsibility for his actions like an adult. Instead, he currently feels like he's with the whole of America and doesn't even shy away from serving anti-Semitic resentments and babbling about a Jewish world conspiracy. This has now cost him a number of his million follower social media accounts. Even if Ye is unimpressed by this, it is still a big blow for him since he no longer has a direct line to his fans and therefore less influence on them. He still occupies the headlines of all international rap portals, but this is now happening outside of his influence and the Ye disciples are becoming fewer with every article.

The end of Ye?

However, Ye has now shot the bird with his claim on "Drink Champs" that George Floyd did not die from an officer's knee on his neck, but from an overdose of fentanyl. George Floyd's daughter took this as an opportunity to file a lawsuit for 250 million against Kanye West. In the face of his steep theses and escalating beefs, even Ye's closest confidants and friends now pull the ripcord to prevent their good names from being damaged in the course of this madness. The rapper, who was once celebrated as a genius, is currently more isolated than ever. Instead of giving in and apologizing for his misdeeds, Kanye picks fights with people all the time. Probably because his oversized ego doesn't allow him to act any other way. The window of opportunity in which Kanye could still get his concerns heard is getting smaller and smaller. He is now defenseless against the negative headlines that have been dominating the front pages of all rap and lifestyle magazines for weeks and has to endure them without being able to take countermeasures via his social media as before.

The Corona and Ukraine crises have shown that after several weeks in which a topic makes the headlines, people lose interest in it, no matter how big and relevant it is for all of us. It is therefore to be expected that, after the past few weeks of mantra-like reporting on Ye, a similar effect will set in. Ye should therefore make better use of the time during which interest in his person has not yet completely died out to come to terms with the public. Otherwise there's a real danger that everything he's built up over the past few years will be overshadowed by the insanity that Ye actually only practices to remain relevant. Is he aware of the tragedy and irony of his actions? Probably not, since years ago he obviously banned everyone from his immediate environment who could have reminded him of reason now. Poor fool...

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