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Travis Scott and Lebron James in Sicko Mode

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Travis Scott vor einem Hafen bei Dämmerung. Er trägt einen schwarzen Anzug und raucht mit der linken Hand einen Joint.

Last weekend Lebron James' son Bronny celebrated his 18th birthday. To mark the occasion, Dad Lebron treated the offspring to a very special, star-studded party.

Performances by Travis Scott and SoFaygo

Travis Scott and SoFaygo were also guests at Lebron James' oldest son's party and delighted fans and guests with impromptu performances. Travis grabbed the mic and performed his biggest hits, like "Goosebumps" and "Sicko Mode." The newcomer SoFaygo didn't take long to ask and did the same - much to the delight of Lebron and Bronny, who rapped along to the songs of both.

Important step for Travis Scott

After the Astroworld tragedy almost exactly a year ago, the rapper is trying to get back on his feet. He is booked again for some festival line-ups. However, the rapper couldn't really build on his success before Astroworld. His flimsy apology, which neither critics nor fans really believed, had too much of an effect. The good publicity of partying with Lebron James is therefore an important step back towards normalcy for the rapper.

Lebron bursts with pride

The exceptional baller not only treated his son to a top-class party. He also insisted on singing a hymn of praise to his son in front of the assembled team: "I'm so proud of the kind of man you've become. stay as you are As a father, I will always stand behind you.”

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