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Travis Scott pays first Astroworld compensation

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

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In recent months, promoters and stars have largely avoided Travis Scott. The fear that the negative publicity attached to the rapper could rub off on his own reputation was too great. Basketball star Lebron James recently kicked things off, posing with Cactus Jack at his son's 18th birthday party he invited him to. However, this has not really brought Scott back onto the scene. The only way to restore his good reputation seems to be an honest reappraisal of the Astroworld tragedy, for which the singer - at least in the opinion of most - has some responsibility. A first step in this direction now seems to have been taken. Apparently, Travis and the organizers have now come to an agreement with one of the 10 affected families who lost someone at his concert.

Agreement with first family

Festival organizers are working to process the legal fallout from Travis Scott's Astroworld tragedy and reach a settlement with the victims' families. According to Tony Buzbee, Axel Acosta's family lawyer, a first out-of-court settlement has now been reached, as he told TMZ. The family agreed to an out-of-court settlement after suing Travis, Live Nation and others.

21-year-old Axel Acoste died in the chaotic conditions at the Astroworld festival. As a big Travis Scott fan, he traveled all the way from Washington to see his idol on stage in Houston, Texas. The amount of the compensation is strictly confidential.

Astroworld will be with Scott for a long time

While the current settlement with Scott's family and his team can be hailed as the first step in his rehabilitation, the current case makes two things clear. First, Scott & Team don't seem to be overly judicious about their chances in court when seeking an out-of-court settlement. Second, the current settlement also sends a signal to the remaining 9 families to seek a trial, perhaps precisely because of Scott's poor prospects in court. Scott's goal of clearing his name from Astroworld would be torpedoed by a negotiation, as this would mean negative press again, which repeatedly underlines this relationship and keeps the memory alive.

Source: KBE,

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