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Trial and music video shoot - Bushido back in Berlin

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Bushido. Er steht vor einer grauen Wand, sein Kopf ist seitlich gedreht. Er trägt eine schwarze Jacke und hält den rechten Arm auf seine Brust. Im Mund hat er einen Zahnstocher.

Two months after Bushido and his family emigrated to Dubai, the Berlin rapper has to go back to Berlin for some important appointments. Bushido has been back in his home country since Monday (10/17/22) and will probably stay in the capital for a few days. This was announced by his wife Anna-Maria on Instagram. “My husband has been in Germany since this morning and has a few unpleasant appointments there. We have planned very nice things for the week.”

Bushido arrives from Dubai for the court case

The main reason for Bushido's return to Berlin is the 84th day of the trial in the court case against clan boss Arafat Abou-Chaker and his brothers. This is the 44-year-old rapper's 28th time on the witness stand. This time Bushido should comment on the sound recordings used against him from January 18th, 2018. Bushido disputes the authenticity of these records. According to the rapper, these are said to have been cut together from several sound recordings. So far there is no proof of this.

Testimony in court ended

Bushido's target has been fulfilled. The 44-year-old rapper was released from the witness stand and, as of today, is no longer required as a witness in the court case. Nevertheless, the rapper does not fly straight back to Dubai, but spends the rest of the week in Berlin.

Is Bushido working on a new music video?

On Monday evening (10/17/22) Bushido posted a photo of himself and his video director Orkan Ce on Instagram. Apparently they are currently shooting a new music video. Orkan Ce has shot almost all of the Bushido videos in recent years, which suggests that the Berlin rapper may be preparing for his musical comeback.

We'll stay on the topic for you. As always, as soon as there are new developments in the court process or in Bushido, you will hear it from us first.

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