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Ufo361 plans next US collab

UFO361 in einer Gastronomieküche. m Hintergrund sind Töpfe und Regale zu sehen. Ufo361 trägt eine lila Sweatshirt und eine schwarze Sonnenbrille. Um seinen Hals trägt der Rapper mehrere Silberketten.

Ufo is known to have worked with a number of US rappers. Including Quavo, LilBaby and Future. Now the Berlin rapper has landed another feature with an American rapper – he wants to drop a new single with Lil Gotit in December.

Ufo too cool for German fans?

The Berliner recently explained that nobody in this country really inspires him anymore. He was "done with Germany". Therefore, in the future he wants to concentrate on becoming more internationally present. Most recently, the rapper teased his fans because they made fun of his "high heel drip". The rapper berated his critics as small minds who lacked the horizon to recognize true style. Before daring such fashion experiments, one should perhaps put on a thicker skin, since feeling offended by the fact that the style is not so well received already smells a bit like a fragile ego. Ufo has long had the reputation of being quite aloof. According to his self-perception, he is Germany's most important rapper and has the most exquisite taste in fashion in this country. Anyone who doesn't recognize that is stupid. The fact that you don't really make friends with such an attitude seems to go completely past Ufo. Shooting against your own fans is always an own goal and shows that Ufo seems to have forgotten who actually got him to his current status. His last release "No Reply" about 2 weeks ago has not even reached half a million views on Youtube.

Feature with Lil Gotit

All of this will not have completely passed Ufo by. The announced feature with US rapper Lil Gotit should probably do the trick. The single, whose title is not yet known, is scheduled to drop on December 2nd. Even if Lil Gotit is now one of the more well-known rappers from the USA, he is still far below the class of features that Ufo can already claim for himself. The impact should be correspondingly smaller. Even the collabs with LilBaby and Future only achieved around half of the clicks that Ufo was able to generate for himself with his solo projects at the time. Since even these are currently "flopping", it is unlikely that the Berliner will be able to match old records with his new feature.

Our advice to Ufo is: stay humble! Telling fans who made him big that he's not grateful isn't a smart move, as it makes it hard for even die-hard fans to find you good. No matter how big you are as a rapper, one thing will never change - your dependence on the goodwill of your fans. So maybe it's not bad for Ufo that fans are currently showing him this and bringing him back to earth. We're still looking forward to the feature, but we're not expecting a milestone right now.

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