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Ufo361 starts collab with Lacoste

Das Bild zeigt den Rapper Ufo361 in einem silbernen Fahrstuhl. Er lacht, trägt eine schwarze Sonnenbrille. Schwarzen Pullover und mehrere Silberketten um den Hals.

It's no secret that Berlin rapper Ufo361 has extravagant taste when it comes to fashion. Sometimes completely covered up like Kanye West and sometimes with extreme oversized clothes that are reminiscent of the 90s. A video recently went viral that even showed the Berliner with black high heels. The rapper had to endure a lot of mocking comments, which visibly got to his kidneys. Admittedly, Ufo's Drip takes a little getting used to, but what you have to give the rapper - despite all the criticism, he remains true to his line.

Ufo361 joins forces with Lacoste

After the father-to-be surprisingly advertised a movie about just last week (October 15, 2022), the rapper has already announced the next news on Instagram. The fashion label Lacoste and Ufo361 will soon be working together. Without any comment, the rapper dropped a photo with the Lacoste logo on a black U for Ufo, which is probably symbolic of the connection between the two brands.

What exactly the collection contains or when it will be released is not yet known. However, in the new episode of his vlog, the Berliner provides a few pictures that show how he picks designs and logos for the collab in Paris. "I am very happy to announce that a collab with Lacoste is coming soon. Very, very crazy."

As soon as there is news about Ufo's Lacoste collab, you will hear it - as always - first from us.

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