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Xatar wants to organize fight with "The Rock".

Das Bild zeigt den Rapper Xatar mit einem weißem T-Shirt und eine grünen Hose. Seine linke Hand hält er vor dem Mund. Um den Hals trägt er eine dünne Silberkette mit Anhänger.

In the past, Xatar seemed to have disappeared from the scene. Once dominating the charts and the German rap world, he has recently been perceived as a shadow of himself. Many fans expressed concern about the appearance of the Babas of all Babas, who had lost a lot of weight and also appeared to have aged greatly. He seems further away than ever from the once big dreams of developing Goldmann into the most important label in Europe and even becoming internationally successful. With the film "Rheingold" - a film adaptation of the life of Xatar - the Goldman CEO is now, despite everything, making it back onto the scene. The film is also very well received by viewers. Smart as he is, the businessman Xatar is now trying to use this momentum to keep himself and his offer in the public eye for as long as possible. The means of choice for this - surprise surprise a boxing match...

Xatar wants to organize fight between "The Rock" & Xalo Selam

The new film with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is called "Black Adam" and has been in German cinemas since October 20th. "Rheingold" has been shown nationwide for a few days. At the moment, both strips are in a close race for the attention of the public. In order to increase the chances of "Rheingold" taking the top spot, Xatar is now offering something via Instagram. If his biopic actually lands before "Black Adam" at the end of the current cinema week, Xalo Selam, who has appeared in the past as Xatar's bodyguard, will step into the ring against Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Xatar emphasizes that these are not empty words. The Baba of all Babas has apparently already felt at Universum Boxing. "If we manage to actually stay on the one for the first weekend [...] Then I will do everything in my power to ensure that there is a fight between Xalo Selam and 'The Rock'. I have called Universum Boxing. I'm totally serious."

The gold man came up with even more ideas to emphasize his plan. One post suggests that Xatar took to The Rock's Instagram page to point out that "Black Adam" isn't topping the box office everywhere in the world. The hashtag #fightwithselam was also created. In addition, the following announcement was made towards 'The Rock': "He has to turn himself in. That's it with fake wrestling."

If the ex-wrestler does get wind of things and decide against a physical slugfest, there are other options as well. The superstar celebrated his rap debut a year ago. Xatar himself could then meet him on this playing field.

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