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Ye wants to be president again

Das Bild zeigt den Rapper Kanye West. Er trägt einen schwarzen Hoodie und eine schwarze Jacke und lächelt mit geöffnetem Mund.

In the past few weeks, Ye has experienced an unparalleled slide. Within two months he lost a large part of what he had built up over the past decades. As expected, his oversized ego was his undoing, which found expression in his statement that he could make as many anti-Semitic statements as he wanted without Adidas terminating the cooperation. He was taught better - not only Adidas immediately terminated the contracts with him. Balenciaga, Gap and others followed. Kanye was knocked out of Forbes' list of the richest people as a result, as the Jeezy deal with Adidas accounted for a lion's share of his earnings. Most recently, Ye was probably no longer even able to pay via Apple Pay. Most would certainly find this situation devastating, backtrack, and apologize to limit the damage. Not like that. The timing seems perfect for the rapper to announce his re-election for the presidency. His ideas sound strikingly socialist. Do you think communism scores points with Americans?

With merch in the White House?

On Sunday, a video was uploaded by X17 Online, a celebrity gossip magazine, of Kanye West walking a paparazzi through a building full of clothes with the words "Ye 24" written on them. Also starring alongside West is Milo Yiannopoulos, who was a part of Donald Trump's 2017 campaign. West and Yiannopoulos enter a building with the paparazzi and talk. "This is Milo, we're working on a campaign," West introduces him and asks, "Is that an announcement yet?" They start laughing and Yiannopoulos says, "Thanks. I accept.” After that, Yiannopoulos disappears and Kanye West leads the man behind the camera through the building. West presents him with discarded clothes from his former partners Balenciaga, Adidas and Gap. “Here we have Balenciaga. With 'Ye 24' on it,” Kanye points out and then introduces West to a group of women who are at sewing machines. "Here we tailor the templates," explains the rapper and presents jogging pants and hoodies that are intended for his election campaign.

$20 shirts for the people

When asked if Kanye West really wants to compete, he replies, "Yes. It's easy because no one can tell me, "Say this, don't say that," you know? It's just that we're moving towards the future.” He also emphasizes that each garment should only be $20 because “we need to make sure everyone has the same level of savings, the same level of groceries, the same Level of water, the same level of education receives... we leave the past behind. We're focused on the future.” They continue walking and some new jackets are delivered, one of which is given to the paparazzi and Kanye West escorts him outside. Kanye West had already tried to assert himself in the election campaign in 2020. He was able to get almost 68,000 votes. He lost his partnerships with the companies Balenciaga, Adidas and Gap because of his series of anti-Semitic comments. Because of this, former US President Donald Trump also began to distance himself from the rapper.

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