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Young Dolph's murder planned long in advance

Das Bild zeigt Rapper Young Dolph vor einem schwarzem Luxus SUV stehend auf einem Basketballplatz in einem Park. Er steht seitlich zum Auto, trägt ein schwarzes Basecap, Pullover, Hose und Schuhe. Er trägt mehrere Goldketten, Goldarmbänder und eine goldene Uhr.

Almost exactly a year ago in November, Young Dolph was shot dead in his hometown of Memphis by two masked men while he was shopping. His killers intercepted him at Makeda's Cookies and shot through the store's window with large caliber guns. The rapper had no chance of surviving this cowardly attack and died on the spot. The murder of the rap star caused a great outcry in the hip-hop community worldwide. The two gunmen were arrested not long after the crime and are already serving life sentences. A third man has now been arrested as part of the ongoing murder investigation.

Young Dolph's murder long planned

Homicide detectives arrested Hernandez Govan yesterday, a week before the sad anniversary of the rapper's murder. He is said to have planned the act months before it was carried out together with the later shooters Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith.

A fourth man, Shundale Barnett, has also been linked to the crime. He is currently in custody in Indiana. Justin Johnson has asked authorities to move him to another prison in Memphis as he fears for his life. Our sympathy has no limits.

Killing Dolph a conspiracy?

Since Dolph fought for the title "King of Memphis" with the rapper and label boss Yo Gotti in a media-effective manner during his lifetime, many suspected Gotti's involvement after the fact. The investigators have not yet provided any information as to whether there is actually a connection to the identified perpetrators. What is certain, however, is that Hernandez's group conspired to kill Dolph. Whether this was ultimately done on behalf of Yo Gotti or whether there was another motive behind it will have to be clarified in the course of the trial.

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